Provided by Nicole Eagleston
Every Halloween, the Eagleston family chooses a theme that influences their individual costume choices.

This story originally ran on in 2015 but the list below has been updated to include the Eagleston family's costumes from last year.

As a child, Nicole Eagleston enjoyed celebrating each holiday with her family. Holidays were something to anticipate and enjoy, and Halloween was no exception.

"My mom, she always got into every holiday," Eagleston said. "She just really got into it and made it really fun for her kids.

"Back when I was growing up in the '80s, the costumes were so funny. They were like plastic, basically rain-poncho kind of things with a character printed on the front. ... So she always just hand-made our costumes, sewed them, put them together herself, and they were always really good. I love looking back over the years. ... My mom would do my makeup and get the costume all ready, and my dad would make a homemade scar, so they really got into it."

Eagleston has chosen to carry on the tradition with her own family as a way to remember her mother, who died of breast cancer in 1997.

Every Halloween, the Eagleston family chooses a theme that influences their individual costume choices.

"It's kind of a way to honor her and carry on her legacy," Eagleston said. "After all, she's really the reason behind all of this. Just trying to give the same kind of childhood to my children that she gave to us. It was perfect, and I have the best memories of the holidays in our home growing up, thanks to her."

When Eagleston met her husband, John, she was excited to learn that he enjoyed holiday traditions just as much.

"He has an older brother that just gets into everything and loves dressing up with masks and mustaches and costumes, and so I think John kind of took after his older brother, and when we got married we had, I want to say, four to five bins of costume stuff between the two of us as newlyweds," Nicole Eagleston said.

Ever since then, Nicole and John Eagleston have enjoyed creating costumes together. It started out simple — their first year of marriage the couple dressed up as witches — but over time it has become an impressive family tradition that even includes the family's dog, Dix-d.

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