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John Locher, Associated Press
A damaged British Airways Boeing 777-200 sits at McCarran International Airport Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015, in Las Vegas. An engine caught fire before takeoff Tuesday forcing the evacuation of the crew and passengers.

LAS VEGAS — Fire officials say a British Airways airplane was accelerating for takeoff when it caught fire on the runway at the Las Vegas airport, forcing the pilot to hit the brakes.

Tuesday's blaze sent smoke pouring from an engine and led passengers and crew to flee down emergency slides. The plane was leaving for a 10-hour flight to London.

Clark County Fire officials at a news conference Wednesday they had fire engines rolling within 45 seconds of a 4:13 p.m. call from the tower. They had water on the fire within two minutes, and by 4:18 it was out.

Fire officials say the blaze was confined to the left engine, and there was no wheel or brake fire.

Officials also said more people were injured than previously reported. A total of 27 people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, mostly from the evacuation slide.