Seth Wenig, Associated Press
President Barack Obama waves to supporters as he leaves John. F. Kennedy airport in New York, Tuesday, July 21, 2015. Obama is in New York for a taping of "The Daily Show" and a private fundraiser.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is telling comedian Jon Stewart that critics of his Iran deal want him to have sent former Vice President Dick Cheney to the negotiations with the Iranians.

Obama is poking fun at opponents of the deal during an appearance on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show." He says those critics think if only Cheney had been there, "everything would be fine."

Obama says Iran is an adversary that is anti-American and anti-Israel. But he says you don't make peace with your friends.

He says the U.S. doesn't have to give anything up in the Iran deal and that the next president will have more options because of the agreement.

This is Obama's seventh appearance on "The Daily Show," and his third as president.

The interview airs Tuesday evening.