Here's our daily list of articles from across the Web about family and faith-related topics as well as our other four areas of emphasis: education, causes, media and moneywise.

Here's our daily list of articles from across the Web about family and faith-related topics as well as our other four areas of emphasis: education, causes, media and moneywise.

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How a mindful marriage can reinvigorate your relationship — Chicago Tribune

Friend fail: When your partner dislikes your pals — The Wall Street Journal

This dad is overcome with emotion when his son surprises him with a home — BuzzFeed

Unmarried women now drive America’s fertility trends, and they’re having fewer kids — The Wall Street Journal


Where was Jesus baptized? UNESCO weighs in — Newser

Snapchat honors Muslim holiday with live video feed — The Huffington Post

Facebook goes after Facegloria — CNN Money

Christians shouldn't be culture's morality police — Relevant

Doubt can be a good thing — Relevant

The spiritual consequences of selfie culture — Relevant

The church of organized labor — The New Republic

Has the Vatican already forgotten the lessons of John Paul II? — National Review

'Unequally yoked': How Christians get interfaith marriage wrong — Patheos

5 reasons why the gospel of Jesus' wife is a fake — Christianity Today

The rise of women and the manhood crisis — Christianity Today


On college campuses, suicide intervention via anonymous app — NPR

How textbooks can teach different versions of history — NPR

John Kasich on Common Core: ‘I want kids to jump higher’ — The Daily Signal

School libraries are under attack — The New Republic

The not-rich kid’s guide to graduating from college with almost no debt — Vox

Keep body cameras off public-school educators — The Atlantic

Incarceration, education, emancipation — The Atlantic


Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman goes on sale — BBC

Harper Lee's 'Watchman' is a mess that makes us reconsider a masterpiece — NPR

Harper Lee's friends discuss author, "Go Set a Watchman" — CBS News

How mad at The New York Times is Harper Lee's publisher? — Newsweek

Harper Lee may have written a third novel, lawyer says — The Huffington Post

A new account of ‘Watchman’s’ origin and hints of a third book — NYT Now

The Internet flooded with tributes to Nintendo chief — The Boston Herald

An embarrassing week for Christians sharing fake news — Christianity Today


ICE begins freeing more mothers, children from immigrant detention — The Huffington Post

The world could wipe out extreme poverty by 2030. There's just one catch — NPR

The destruction of a black suburb — The Atlantic

Mass incarceration in America, explained in 28 maps and charts — Vox


Should Americans work more? To hit 4 percent growth, we would have to — The New York Times

The workers who say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to jobs — The Wall Street Journal

Time management is only making our busy lives worse — Quartz

Do your colleagues hate you? — Forbes

5 ways to use life's challenges to make you better, not bitter — Forbes

Eight ways to begin a speech — Forbes

Do working class young people want manufacturing to come back? — Family Studies

The clearest explanation yet for why millennials are driving less — CityLab

Greek crisis has seen a rise in suicides and depression — Newsweek

Here's how much it would cost you to go to Hogwarts — Mic

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