Catherine Arveseth
Catherine Arveseth shares 20 books your family should read.

Books are kind of like children to me. Each has a different personality, tells a different story and lives out a unique life. Each is packaged in its own color and size, every page a unique style of art. I know each one, where it sleeps, which shelf, which nook, which stack. I don't like them stepped on or thrown. I bandage each torn page, each loose binding. And every year I wonder, "Can we make room for more?"

And we always do.

Children's books — good ones — are for grown-ups too. I will never tire of finding a new picture book that shares a powerful message or draws me in with its unique artistry or perfectly chosen words.

I started compiling a favorite books list in 2011. For four years now, my family has been exploring new books, discovering old ones and keeping track of which books meant something to us during 12 months of living, stretching, maturing. (Check out past book lists here.)

So here's our list of 20 books we loved reading in 2014 and think you should read this year. These are in no particular order, and while most were published in 2014, some were published earlier.

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