Evan Vucci, Associated Press
President Barack Obama arrives to speak at an event to designate the Pullman neighborhood a national monument — commemorating African-Americans who served as porters, waiters and maids on the iconic Pullman sleeper cars, Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015, in Chicago. Obama also announced Browns National Monument in Colorado and Honouliuli National Monument in Hawaii.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says it's "not an accident" that the economy is improving on his watch and that Republicans' "doom and gloom" predictions haven't come true.

Speaking to the Democratic National Committee's winter meeting, Obama said the party's belief in "middle class economics," including his health care law, has spurred economic growth and job creation.

The president says he is encouraged that some Republicans are talking about middle class issues and he would welcome their ideas. But he says the GOP's "rhetoric has not matched the reality" of their positions.

Following his remarks Friday, Obama was attending a Democratic fundraiser with 25 supporters paying $33,400 to attend.