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Michel Euler, Associated Press
Local residents watch as police officers escort hostages after they stormed a kosher grocery in Paris, in this Friday, Jan. 9, 2015 file photo. Galvanized by the recent terror attacks in France, European Union leaders on Thursday Feb. 12, 2015 debate a range of ambitious steps to better protect their 28 nations, including exchanging airliner passenger manifests, tightening controls at the border and combating extremism on the Internet.

BRUSSELS — Spurred to action by last month's terror attacks in France, European Union leaders agreed Thursday to an ambitious range of new steps to better protect their countries from terrorism.

Actions unanimously endorsed at an EU summit meeting include sharing airline passenger data, tougher border controls on travelers and detection and removal of Internet content that promotes terrorism or extremism.

"All citizens have the right to live free from fear, whatever their opinions or beliefs," the EU leaders declared in a joint statement. "We will safeguard our common values and protect all from violence based on ethnic or religious motivations and racism."