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Jose Luis Magana, Associated Press
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. speaks about raising wages during the forum AFL-CIO National Summit, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015, at Gallaudet University in Washington.

WASHINGTON — Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren insists she's not running for president but plans to take active steps to shape the policy debate inside the Democratic Party at the start of the 2016 White House campaign.

Warren took center stage Wednesday at an economic conference sponsored by the AFL-CIO. She offered an indictment of the nation's economic policies during the past three decades under both Democrats and Republicans.

Warren says Republicans and "too many Democrats" have talked about the problems of "big government" and pushed for deregulation.

She told the labor leaders less regulation has helped turned loose "big banks and giant international corporations."

Some liberals are pining for Warren to enter the Democratic presidential contest, which could pit her against Hillary Rodham Clinton, the leading Democratic contender should she run.