Petrodollars can buy the finer things in life. And in one North Dakota oil county, they will be used to pay for the higher education of every graduate of area high schools, if students want.

WILLISTON, N.D. — Graduates from high schools in one North Dakota oil county will automatically qualify for a free ride at Williston State College.

The two-year college announced the scholarship program Wednesday for students in Williams County.

Students will have to maintain a 2.0 grade point average once enrolled and sign up for a minimum of 12 credit hours. The program starts in fall 2015. But even students who graduated in past years can take advantage of the program.

The Alva J. Field Memorial Trust is donating $1 million and the state is putting in another $500,000.

Any additional money needed will come from the Williston State College Foundation. The foundation has been granted mineral rights by donators and has seen the oil boom swell its funds in recent years.