Get to know Sean Reyes and Charles Stormont, who are both vying for the job of attorney general:

Sean Reyes is working to lift dark cloud from attorney general's office

One of the guys in a Darth Vader costume at Salt Lake Comic Con last year was Sean Reyes.

He couldn't make his way into the Salt Palace Convention Center for hours because of all the people stopping him for pictures. He went back the next day as Darth Maul.

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Charles Stormont wants to eliminate politics from attorney general's office

A half-eaten chocolate-covered pretzel stick sits on Charles Stormont's messy desk in his campaign office at Utah Democratic Party headquarters.

Stormont says the treat isn't breakfast. He picked it up at the monthly Shabbat market at the Jewish Community Center where he dropped off his 3-year-old son for preschool that morning.

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