Elaine Thompson, Associated Press
In this May, 29, 2012, file photo, a train hauling coal from an Arch Coal Inc. mine in the Powder River basin of Montana and Wyoming heads north out of downtown Seattle.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The federal government is now taking comments on proposed rules to cut carbon-dioxide emissions but Wyoming officials aren't rushing ahead to formally weigh in just yet.

Gov. Matt Mead said Wednesday his staff continues to sort through the more than 650 pages of proposed rules the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released earlier this month.

A comment period on the rules began Wednesday and continues through Oct. 16.

Wyoming is the top coal-producing state. Mead says he's concerned the regulations would cost jobs, though so far he's been more reserved than Wyoming's congressional representatives who say they'll try to block the rules.

Mead says rules and regulations are necessary but have to be reasonable. He says state officials will study the EPA's proposal carefully so they're able to submit thoughtful comments.