Anchorage, Alaska, is among the top 10 best cities for families, according to Wallet Hub.

The United States is an extremely mobile country compared to most of the world. A Gallup survey in 2013 found that 24 percent of Americans reported moving in the last five years, putting the U.S. above nearly every other country.

According to the Census Bureau, 11.7 percent of the population moved between 2012 and 2013. And 30 percent of those who moved did so for "family-related reasons," the Wall Street Journal reported.

To assist families, both young and old, who are considering moving this year, Wallet Hub released a list ranking 150 U.S. cities on their levels of family-friendliness.

The report uses several factors to determine the rankings, including family fun, safety, affordability, education and child care and the social and economic environment of the city.

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