Libyan national army, Associated Press
In this image made from video provided by the Libyan national army via AP Television, Tripoli joint security forces on vehicles with heavy artillery stand guard on the entrance road to the parliament area after troops of Gen. Khalifa Hifter targeted Islamist lawmakers and officials at the parliament in Tripoli, Libya, Sunday, May 18, 2014. Forces loyal to a rogue Libyan general attacked the country's parliament Sunday, expanding his eastern offensive against Islamists into the heart of the country's capital.

TRIPOLI, Libya — A Libyan lawmaker says the country's parliament will meet at a secret location following an attack by militiamen loyal to a renegade general.

The lawmaker says the meeting place is being kept secret because of an armed standoff in the capital, Tripoli, where rogue Gen. Khalifa Hifter's forces have hunkered down near the airport highway while the Libyan army chief has ordered Islamist-led militias to come to the city's defense.

Hifter's followers say they are waging a war to save Libya from Islamic extremists.

The lawmaker says the parliament will vote on a new prime minister and budget later on Tuesday. He spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the meeting.

Hifter's loyalists stormed the parliament in Tripoli on Sunday. The attack killed two people and wounded over 50.