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Sell your home using these tips from a variety of pros.
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Clear off your countertops. Buyers want to envision their own stuff there and see more available space. 

If you're thinking you're ready to take the plunge and list your home for sale, first take a long, close-up look around and see it through a stranger's eyes.

Does your home shout "Party!" or "Good times for all?" Is it peaceful, a soothing place to be? Does it offer a vision to the seller that's warm and friendly with a little touch of class? Homebuyers come in all varieties but some things are universal when it comes to liking a home.

We've scoured the Internet and researched what experts like HGTV, R & R Realty, Coldwell Banker and other national realtors and home experts have to say about selling your home. Here are 20 tweet length tips to help you sell your home.

1. Have a home inspection - It's smart to get a trained eye to help you know what needs fixing in your home before you sell it.

2. List it right - Get a competitive market analysis then list your home at least 5% below its worth. Good deals cause more bidding.

3. First impression - The outside of the home is the first thing seen. Plant flowers or shrubs. Keep it clean and landscaped. Beautify it!

4. The next buyer is just as busy (or lazy) as you are. Add value by fixing what you can. Buyers want it done before they move in.

5. Quick fixes - Fresh paint, new carpet, new curtains, non-leaking faucets, hinges that don't squeak, new shower curtains, new door handles.

6. Neutral colors - Repaint main areas with neutral colors. You may like that red wall but that doesn't mean a buyer will.

7. Light it up - Natural light is best. If it's cloudy, make sure your light bulbs work well or use props (like flowers) that suggest light.

8. Clean counters - Clear off your countertops. Buyers want to envision their own stuff there and see more available space.

9. Closets half empty - Keep your closets half empty so a buyer envisions more storage space. They'll love the feeling of extra room.

10. Avoid the feeling of "fake." - Place things so the buyer feels like they could have put them there. Example: Fresh fruit on a table.

11. Summer special - If it's warm outside open your windows. Take advantage of a breeze. Unless, of course you or the neighbors have horses...

12. Winter special - If it's cold out, light a fire to make potential buyers feel warm and cozy in the home.

13. Ditch the mounts - Even if you're into hunting and mounting your game, maybe your buyer isn't... take it down before you list your home.

14. Kid friendly - Ask yourself, "is this home comfortable for kids?" or "Would I let a toddler crawl around on these floors?"

15. Get a third party smeller - You're accustomed to the smells in your home. Get a neighbor to come smell your home before showing it.

16. Details matter - Don't leave dishes in the sink or say, "I'll vacuum that later." Keep things tidy and presentable to show off quickly.

17. Kitchen is the key - Kitchens are a focal point for most buyers. Make sure your kitchen is clean and perhaps do a few simple updates to it.

18. Hide the pets - You may love dogs or cats but you can't be sure your buyer will. Plus, pets come with their own scents.

19. Online attraction - Most likely, your buyer will see pics online before visiting your home. Make sure your photos are professional grade.

20. Use a realtor - They can help determine the value, set up showings, do paperwork, communicate between buyers, the title company and the bank.

Now you're all good to go. Good luck selling your home, finding a new home if you haven't already, and embarking on a new adventure.

The information provided is presented for general informational purposes only and does not constitute tax, legal or business advice.

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