Jose Luis Magana, Associated Press
Kathren Cameron places a teddy bear at the mall after it was reopened to the public, Monday, Jan. 27, 2014, in Columbia, Md. A gunman killed two people and himself on Saturday at a store in the mall. Police identified the gunman as Darion Aguilar. The victims were two store employees Brianna Benlolo, and Tyler Johnson.

WASHINGTON — Maryland police say the man who killed two people and then shot himself inside a shopping mall wrote about killing people in his journal and said he was ready to die.

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Howard County police on Wednesday released details through their Twitter account of Darion Aguilar's journal.

Police say the 19-year-old Aguilar killed two store employees Saturday at the Mall in Columbia and then took his own life. Detectives are trying to determine a motive.

Police say he wrote in general terms in his journal about killing people did not mention targeting specific people or locations. Police say the journal "expresses a general hatred of others" and a willingness to die.

He also apologized to his family for what he was planning to do.