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It's the sort of publicity every company dreams of — and the sort of flight every airline passenger wishes they could have.

WestJet, a Canadian airline founded in 1996, flew to the top of the social media world Monday with the release of a video showing the company fulfilling the holiday wishes of some lucky passengers.

The video shows how the company set up a Santa cam, where passengers could scan their boarding passes and then chat with Santa about what they wanted for Christmas. Requests ranged from "a big TV" to socks and underwear. Then, as passengers boarded their flight, WestJet teams went shopping.

After passengers arrived at their destination and congregated at the baggage claim, they were greeted by Santa Claus himself, falling snow and cookies. Presents came down the baggage claim, and passengers opened them to find what they had asked for — right down to the socks and underwear.

"The guests never expected what they'd asked of St. Nick would actually appear — it was all quite a trick," the video concluded. "A WestJetter would say, 'It was more than mere fun; miracles do happen when we all work as one.'"

WestJet's video was posted on YouTube Sunday night, and by Tuesday morning had reached more than 1.3 million views.

Santa's blooper reel, also posted on YouTube, showed passengers requesting things like a car, the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup, changes to federal law and a diamond ring, with the last request resulting in an airport proposal from Santa Claus.

"Some warm socks would be good," one passenger said.

"You're really going to wish you'd asked for a big-screen TV," Santa told her.

"1M people watched our #WestJetChristmas video and only 8 didn't cry," the company tweeted Tuesday. "Chuck Norris was one, but who are the other 7?"

The Christmas gift-giving wasn't WestJet's first foray into the Christmas spirit; in 2012, the company put together an airport flash mob complete with songs, elves, ugly sweaters, carols, Santa Claus and ballet dancers.