With an LDS account, those who are members of the church (and even those who are not) can access additional online resources.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is heavily invested in proclaiming the gospel in the digital community.

Official church content appears on more than 150 websites. To access many of the church websites and resources online, only one thing stands in the way: an LDS account.

Although the LDS Church offers numerous pages of free content, registering for an LDS account allows users to customize their experience and gain access to additional resources. Several sites cannot be accessed without an LDS account.

Getting an LDS account involves a little bit of work, but it is open to those who are LDS Church members as well as those who are not. Members will need to register by entering a membership record number. For a members to find out what their membership records are, they should talk to their ward or branch clerk. Those who are not LDS Church members will need to answer a few questions to create an account. To begin the process, go to

So what kinds of things are available to someone who has an LDS account?

One LDSTech user, Samuel Bradshaw, made a list of 57 things. The inspiration for this article came from his posting on the LDSTech website. The original post can be found on

Drawing from Bradshaw's list of possible activities, the 10 most interesting things a person can do with an account are listed here in greater detail. Click to view.