The one thing people are not focusing on is where the money for all the subsidies is coming from. A family of four gets them if they make up to $94,000 per year.

The only money the feds have is what they take from us and what they borrow.

It was the same as with the Medicaid expansion — yes, the feds would pay for all of it for the first couple of years — but that is our money or debt being incurred for the people.

The feds cannot give anything to anyone that they do not take from someone else.

The IRS is in charge — the same IRS that sent $4 billion to identity thieves, with 655 refunds sent to a single address in Lithuania and 343 to a lone address in Shanghai. They are not very bright to not realize something is amiss, and now we are turning over another one-sixth of our economy to them.

Federal money is not free, someone always has to pay and that is most often the middle class.

Pati Sorensen

Salt Lake City