Discrimination in the workplace has received much needed attention in recent years. However, many employees are still discriminated against for their tattoos.

Here in Utah, many are accepting of the tribal tattoos of the Polynesian community. Many of us in the military obtain tattoos for very similar reasons. However, our tattoos are not looked upon in the same way. I am a Navy veteran and a criminal justice student and I feel like I get discriminated against because of my tattoos.

After serving our country in foreign lands, many of us hope to do the same here at home as police officers. However, some police agencies in the Salt Lake City area have policies that force these war heroes to cover up. During the hot summer months this can put our officers at risk of dehydration.

Just because someone has tattoos doesn't mean that they are a bad person. We should not have to cover up as long as the art is not racist or vulgar in any way. Considering the service these veterans have rendered our country, people should be more tolerant.

John Castro

Salt Lake City