The government shutdown was a huge success that could be summarized by the following, stirring rallying cry:

"What do we want?"

"New budget negotiations and a three-month continuing resolution!"

"When do we want it?"

"Any time before the debt ceiling deadline would be fine!"

Never have so many been inconvenienced by so few for so little.

Maybe the tea party would have had more success overturning Obamacare if the program had gotten off to a disastrous start … oh wait.

The administration may want to drum up enthusiasm for Obamacare. For instance, perhaps it could give a gift to the first person who successfully signs up.

The debt ceiling deadline turned out to be a bit of a ruse. China reportedly was willing to let us just send the minimum monthly payment for October.

New York City actually went through a whole week without a single murder last week. Apparently, the bad behavior of politicians in Washington had a stunning effect on everyone.

Imagine, not a single murder in any of the five boroughs of New York for a week. Also, murders involving guns are down 28.8 percent there over last year. And all this happened despite the Yankees not making the playoffs.

Thanks to the popularity of the "fiscal cliff," nominations are being accepted for naming the nation's next fiscal crisis, scheduled for January. So far, leading candidates are, the "greenback Grand Canyon," the "dungeon of debt," the "penniless pit," and skiing into the "credit crevasse." Fans of Disneyland may prefer the "legal tender tower of terror." My personal favorite, though, is "tin can crisis meets steel-toed boot."

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