The Count My Vote public hearing on Oct. 17 in Ephraim was led by Taylor Morgan, Executive Director. At least four vocal self-identified delegates in the caucus system countered his points until another attendee said, "I came to learn. Let him speak." As with most political discussions, there had been statistics and appeals to the Constitution from both sides.

I moved to Utah from a state that had caucuses until voters demanded primaries. I liked making my own decisions and not having them filtered through party insiders. I could learn for myself what candidates believed and what they planned to accomplish.

Count My Vote accommodates those who prefer the caucus system since the party conventions still nominate their preferred candidates for the primaries, but it also allows individuals with sufficient support within the party to appear on the primary ballot so the people of Utah can decide. That returns power to the people.

I want to fully participate in the process of representative government, from choosing candidates to electing them.

Glen Brink