Objections to President Barack Obama are often less reasons worthy of serious consideration than self-serving manipulative tactics to delegitimize his presidency. Mostly we believe what we want to believe and find what we look for. Beliefs determine what we can see. Nowhere is this more evident than with the tea party coalition, whose uninformed and irrational radicalism poisons all institutions, political and religious, that embrace its narrow-minded ways.

Sadly, it has discredited the Republican Party to the point that it no longer functions as a meaningful counterweight to the Democrats. It has falsely demonized an obviously capable and well-intended president and has paralyzed our government. Our democracy is in crisis as minority right-wing threats and intimidation seek to override elective government and constitutional ways. Their revolutionary creed echoed in the actions of our tea-party-minded Sen. Mike Lee seems to be that to save this nation we must first destroy it.

Andrew McDonald