Our family has lost our medical insurance because of Obamacare. Ironically, now our only hope of getting insurance is Obamacare. If Sen. Mike Lee succeeds in killing Obamacare, we will join the ranks of the uninsured. It would be nice if he (and his colleagues) had focused on getting health care costs down. These high costs are the very reason Obamacare got traction in the first place.

Sen. Lee could (and should) have stopped the unfair trade practices rife in the medical industry. Anything that introduces competition into the industry would help. Maybe he could start by breaking the control pharmaceutical companies have on Americans, so they can't charge us a dime more than they charge Canadians. Or perhaps consider limiting what people without insurance can be charged for services, say no more than 20 percent above what providers charge people with insurance.

Democrats want the government to run the medical industry, which will create shortages and substandard care. But Republicans want large corporations to control it, and costs will continue to escalate as a reflection of the unfair business practices of those monopolies. It appears no one is looking out for the working men and women of our country who are being bled dry by the medical industry of all their money.

Chance Williams

Woodland Hills