Following a tip from iMediaEthics, editors at the Deseret News were alerted to a lack of proper attribution to a "round-up" story by a intern. A "round-up" story cites other journalists' work, and includes a link or links to the original story or stories. They typically also include a few quotes from the original source, usually preceded by a brief introduction.

In the case of this particular round-up, an article on was referenced, but direct paragraphs from that article were not properly attributed. We immediately posted a correction to that story and began a review of all round-up stories written by the same intern. Upon reviewing all 76 round-up stories by this intern, nearly 40 were discovered to have similar failures and have been amended in the same manner.

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Our analysis indicates a failure to clearly implement our own news aggregation and attribution policies during the editing process. All of the intern's round-up stories were reviewed by editors prior to posting, however, editors did not provide appropriate review for attribution. As a result, we did not catch and correct errors while teaching one of our interns industry standards. The Deseret News apologizes to those involved, including its readers. We have implemented training and tighter controls to correct such problems in the future.

Chris Higbee

General Manager,