Hamada Elrasam, Associated Press
A satellite dish stands damaged after at least two rocket propelled grenades slammed into a compound housing the country's main satellite earth station in the Maadi district of Cairo, Egypt, Monday, Oct. 7, 2013.

CAIRO — A self-described Jihadi group has claimed responsibility for an attack on a satellite communications center south of the Egyptian capital.

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In video posted Tuesday, the Furqan Brigades described the Monday attack as part of an ongoing war between "Sunni Muslims and infidels who intended to uproot Islam from the land of Egypt." It called for attacks on the military, describing them as "infidels" unworthy of mercy.

The video showed masked gunmen readying weapons in the dark, followed by several flashes, which the group said were from a rocket-propelled grenade they fired. The attack left a hole in one dish but communications were undisrupted.

The Furqan Brigades was unknown until months ago when it claimed responsibility for two attacks including one targeting the Suez Canal, which authorities said they foiled.