I must confess that I find it interesting that the party that claims to run on personal responsibility would consider, for even a moment, holding the full faith and credit of the United States hostage for political demands.

The money that is referenced in the debt ceiling debate has already been approved for spending by the Congress. Paying its bills will not raise the amount spent by one cent. The current way of thinking is similar to going to a department store, buying a furniture set on credit, then deciding that the cost was too much and defaulting on the loan. Such a person could expect to see himself taken to court by his debtors, or perhaps even prison. The responsible approach would be to not have purchased the set to begin with.

Congress needs to work together to solve our problems. The problems of the continuing resolution and debt ceiling were well known before last week, yet Congress has done nothing but posture in the media about how the other side will not negotiate. With all due respect, I voted for my representative to work and solve problems, not point a finger at the other side.

Darrel Ross

Eagle Mountain