I try to be an informed American. I try to use the power of my voice and vote the best I can. I will be the first to admit, I don't understand all the ins and outs of politics. But what I saw culminate this past week left me fuming.

As I tried to watch and listen to snippets of news updates, I realized it was all sounding very familiar. This is what I heard, "He's touching me," "She's not helping," "I've already done my part," "He's breathing my air."

I wonder what would happen if we dealt with it the way we, as parents, sometimes do with our non-conforming children. What if they had to face each other and say five nice things about the other person? What if the president and John Boehner had to wear a two-person shirt used for arguing siblings? "You might not like each other, but by golly, respect each other."

There will be things that each group won't like in the final outcome. There was serious debate and disagreement at the Constitutional Convention, but they got the job done. They understood the absolute necessity for concession and compromise. So please, for this great country, stop the bickering, shut the door and just clean up your room.

Cindi Putnam