Bob Bennett's article in the Sept. 23 Deseret News was right on track. Once again Bennett has shown his maturity and concern for the people of Utah with another excellent article. How on Earth 3 percent of the voters in Utah representing the ultra-right wing of the Republican party got rid of Sen. Bob Bennett and put Mike Lee on the ballot is beyond me. No wonder Utah has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the country.

Look at what these same type of people did to Gov. Olene Walker. Her only political ambition was to take care of the people of Utah. What a shame. Now look at what Mike Lee is doing to embarrass the people of Utah. Seems to me he is selling out for a little bit of face time on TV.

We need to open up the convention/primary structure so ordinary people have some say in who they will vote for. I could vote for a Republican Senate candidate if I felt he would do what is best for the people of Utah.

Don Cunningham

Fruit Heights