Thirty-five years ago, I began a career in commercial real estate lending. Within just a few weeks of starting, I was given the assignment to meet, by myself, with an attorney representing another lender. It was the first experience I had meeting with an attorney.

The attorney I met with was Greg Bell.

In the 35 years since, I have dealt with Greg on numerous business matters and he became for me the gold standard of integrity and honesty in business dealings. My hope has been that he would become our next governor.

Those hopes ended when Greg, faced with personal realities, recently announced his resignation as lieutenant governor.

At the other end of the spectrum we have John Swallow who, due to his arrogance or big brother narcissism, refuses to resign despite the controversies that surround him and despite it being near impossible for him to do his job. Now taxpayers must fund an investigation into his antics, and legislators must waste precious time conducting that investigation. His selfish intransigence is damaging to both Utah and his party.

John, take a page from Greg's book and show some integrity. For the good of us all, please resign.

Steve Earley