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President Barack Obama

I am in agreement with Ben Stowell ("Obamacare exemptions," Sept. 17) that in theory all Americans should have the same health care benefits. But why should our congressman — most from Utah are Republicans — who voted against Obamacare, be forced to participate in Obamacare? The solution is that Obamacare should be repealed, and no Americans should have to be forced to receive health care that is so inferior.

Obamacare is just another tax. It is a way for the IRS to have access to our personal information. Next year, Medicare patients will receive sub prime care. Their deductible will rise $1,000. Yearly routine cancer screenings (as recommended by the American Cancer Society) will be paid for every two years. Medicare is an example of how the federal government manages health care programs. Medicare is almost bankrupt, and our country is $16 trillion in debt. The federal government simply can't afford to implement Obamacare. Our taxes will increase more and more every year.

We should be outside on our soap boxes, speaking out to anyone who passes by how devastating Obamacare will be. Sadly, Jay Leno spoke out against Obamacare, using humor, and now this very popular nighttime talk show host is in jeopardy of losing his job.

Ann Bradford