For the past two summers, my family and I have volunteered at "This is the Place Heritage Park" as pioneer actors one day a week. We come from pioneer stock and it is a wonderful opportunity for my wife and I to teach our boys about their cultural heritage, spend time together and mostly just get outdoors and away from electronics.

The park has done an incredible job of preserving many historic buildings from across Utah and each comes with a slice of history about the families and peoples that once lived there. A simple stroll down the dusty roads literally transports one back to that time period.

Probably one of the most authentic historical representations they have is the Native American village. The park has done a great job of demonstrating how the white settlers came into this valley marginalizing its original peoples under the auspices of Manifest Destiny. It saddens me to see that the only story being told at "This is the Place" is the story of the white settlers, while there are some beautiful and vibrant stories of the Native Americans that have been silenced far too long. Both stories are a part of this country and state, both should be told.

Jake Hinckley