When did it become OK to invade my peace and quiet of browsing the Internet? It used to be that broadcast television and radio were the places that advertisers interrupted your program with commercials, but that was only every, what, eight to 10 minutes?

Now the Internet has been taken over by advertisers and we are subjected to the almost constant bombardment of commercials (every minute or two!) that pop open in new windows and begin playing all on their own. "Buy this! Watch that!" I have to stop what I am doing to scroll over and close those windows, or I must operate with my volume muted so as to not be bothered by their obnoxious noise.

I am frustrated that this is what our marvel of electronic technology has devolved to: A gigantic in-your-face advertising juggernaut. Somebody could be very successful if they develop an app or software that instantly stops these advertisements from interrupting my peaceful browsing. (Meaning, we may have to pay money to keep others from clamoring for our money. That's ironic, isn't it?)

Kenneth Maloy

West Bountiful