Our country has witnessed many crises since 1776 and has remarkably survived them all. The present one seems to be one of the most critical. We all want to help our neighbor, but are confused in what we should do. We ask, "What can we do? What should we do? What will be the results of any action?"

We must ask one more question: "What is right?" Admitting our human weaknesses, past presidents have turned to he who knows all things. To list a few: George Washington, "Prayer for Guidance"; Thomas Jefferson, "A Prayer for the Nation"; Abraham Lincoln, "A Prayer for Peace"; Franklin D. Roosevelt, "A Prayer in Dark Times"; John F. Kennedy, "A Prayer of Gratitude"; and our present, President Barack Obama, "Presidential Proclamation — National Day of Prayer."

What is right? In our nation's history, we have united in pleading for help in behalf of our beloved country. In answer, faith and courage replaced fear and we have been preserved. In our present quest, may our generation now take our turn — in every heart, home, and government hall, by getting on our knees, in faith, fasting, and humble prayer that we might continue to be an inspired nation.

Don Robertson

Spanish Fork