Recently, while traveling on I-15, I witnessed a car careen across multiple lanes of traffic and slam into the barrier dividing the northbound and southbound lanes. I slowed down and stopped to help, thinking the driver could be hurt. Except we were on the left side of the road — next to the fast lane.

The driver was OK, and I told her stay in the car and I would call for help. As I walked back to my car, it suddenly hit me. Standing on the side of I-15 is a scary place. Too many cars stayed in the fast lane, zooming by at what felt like a zillion miles an hour. I thought of the hundreds of state troopers who work in that environment every day. I have a newfound respect for those ladies and gentlemen who serve and protect — no matter what.

We as motorists need to help the UHP. We need to be aware of stationary emergency vehicles. We need to slow down and, if possible, make appropriate lane changes. We need to give them room to do their jobs. The accident or traffic stop gives them plenty to worry about. Let's do them a favor and make their work environment a little less stressful.

Nathan Duersch

Spanish Fork