Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
Sim Gill

Why does Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill continue to investigate this matter, except to further his own transparent political ambitions ("No federal charges for John Swallow, Mark Shurtleff," Sept. 12)?

Gill initiated the tip for this story in the Fall of 2012. It didn't stick in the election. So, after John Swallow took office in January 2013, Gill elevated it from a political matter to a legal matter. For the last 7.5 months, Gill has pursued these unsubstantiated allegations with no positive results for the public.

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The Feds have closed their investigation without action. Further, Gill has permanently sullied the reputations of Shurtleff and Swallow, two previously well regarded public servants. Additionally, he has wasted a small fortune in tax dollars. Moreover, Gill continues to pursue these matters regardless of shame.

This is not justice for the people of Salt Lake. This is not justice for Swallow or Schurtleff. It is merely a naked grab for political power by Gill. As responsible citizens, we owe our community an obligation to hold him accountable.

Jonathan Fink

Salt Lake City