After reading the article entitled "Abortion restrictions failing this year in court challenges," published Aug. 20, I became very concerned about what seems to be the general public's view on abortion. I believe, in most cases, it is a woman's choice whether she becomes pregnant. If a woman doesn't want a child, then she should not have sex. She does not have a right to kill the baby that she could have avoided having in the first place.

I do realize that there are cases involving rape or incest where a woman does not make the choice to become pregnant. In those cases, it is important to realize that there is still a human being killed by abortion. Lawmakers often argue at what point in pregnancy a fetus is "alive." What they should be looking at is the fact that whether one considers a fetus alive or not, it has potential equal to any child. I strongly agree with those who support passage of anti-abortion laws. Abortion is murder.

Peter Smith