The Deseret News Sept. 7 editorial cartoon depicting John Kerry beating the war drums made me wonder, who is the real John Kerry?

Is he the veteran who, in an April 1971 protest, threw his war medals over the White House fence, then bragged about it in a Nov. 6, 1971, interview on WRC-TV's Viewpoint? Is he the war protester whose first appearance before Congress on April 22, 1971, said, "... There is nothing in South Vietnam, nothing which could happen that realistically threatens the United States of America ..."

Is he the member of Congress who proudly displayed his war medals on the wall of his Capitol Hill office and denied ever throwing them away?

Is he the secretary of state who last appeared before Congress on Sept. 4, 2013, and said, Syria "... is about the world's red line. It's about humanity's red line. A line that anyone with a conscience should draw ..."?

Or is John Kerry (to use his own words) simply a "misfit hypocrite, devoid of conscience" fulfilling his '70s anti-war mantra that "old men start wars and young men fight them"?

Clark Larsen