Each year, I remember those who died in the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC. This year my remembrance includes the Sept. 18, 1961 death of Dag Hammarskjold in Zambia, and the Sept. 11, 2012 death of Chris Stevens in Libya.

Parallels to Hammarskjold's sacrifice in Africa can be seen in the killing of United States Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi. Before his death, Stevens kept a journal that recorded his love for the Libyan people and his concerns about impending danger. In spite of the 9/11 anniversary, U.S. administration officials first denied that terrorists were involved. Instead they blamed a lowly filmmaker. Such a shameless framing was attempted homicide — so what was the administration willing to kill for? News sources confirm gun-running to so-called rebels in Syria. Something is rotten in the State Department, but the truth will come out.

Cynthia Hallen