Mike Anderson, Deseret News
Crews started to demolish the Riverton Main Park on July 5, 2013. Parents, players and coaches are upset because they say were supposed to meet with city officials on July 16 to see about stopping the demolition. The city said it has a contract with the baseball league. The contract had a 30-day notice of cancellation, and the city said it gave proper notice to the league.

I drive past Riverton City Park a few times a week. The machinery and construction workers are very busy building the new, fancy park. Well, that's what Riverton City councilors said would happen. Riverton City originally said construction would start on Aug. 15. But they surprised residents by taking a day in mid-July to tear down fences and a small shack.

Since then I've watched nothing happen except for the grass and trees turning brown. Instead of playing baseball for the past two-plus months, the 1,100 kids learned valuable lessons. Politicians do lie. Politicians love power, and kicking kids off of the diamond shows who has the power.

Bryan White

South Jordan