Now that we have graded every school in Utah, why don't we grade the entire state?

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, Utah gets a C. We are magnificently average in every major subject — reading, writing and math. Who gets an A? Massachusetts. They lead the nation in every subject — top of the class.

Why do they get an A and we get a C? Could it be that kids in Massachusetts are smarter, the teachers more devoted or the parents more caring? Or could it be that Utah teachers have 50 percent more students per class than Massachusetts? On average, a teacher in Bountiful faces 10 more students in each class than a teacher in Boston does.

Or could it be that our state Legislature continues to invest the least per pupil of any state in the nation, while Massachusetts invests the most?

Maybe it's time we give the Legislature the C grade they deserve. In Utah, mediocrity is forever.

Breck England