As a citizen concerned about and supportive of our public school system, I applaud the efforts of Sen. Pat Jones, D-Holladay, who is sponsoring legislation to raise upwards of $400 million for our students ("Utah senator wants money for schools by eliminating family child tax exemption," Aug. 23).

Sen. Jones is courageous. She knows her bill asks us all to sacrifice one state tax exemption, but she is starting an important conversation. Lip service is all we get from many politicians who want to run as the "education candidate" and then forget about the basic necessities we need in the classroom when the election is over.

Our schools are starving for resources. We have the largest class sizes in the nation. Our teachers have lost professional development days. Many have seen no cost of living increase in three to five years. Our per student spending is at rock bottom in the U.S. New teachers are leaving the profession in droves. When is enough going to be enough?

We need a long-term funding plan for public education. Thank you, Sen. Jones, for getting the ball rolling, and shame on the lip service crowd.

Andrea Inglesby