Deseret News

On Aug. 19, the Deseret News noted a failure to properly attribute sources in a column by Richard Eyre. At the time, we said we would conduct a further review of the incident and our processes.

The Deseret News has completed its analysis of all of the nearly 300 Richard and Linda Eyre columns published in the Deseret News since November 2010. We found additional articles where sentences were not properly attributed to their original source. Those articles are listed below. They are also annotated and corrected online.

The Deseret News demands accuracy in attribution and sourcing. We require columnists to submit articles that are original and appropriately cited. The Eyres have acknowledged the seriousness of these lapses and apologized to those involved. The Deseret News has chosen to pause publication of the Eyres' column for one month. We realize that many of our readers have benefited from the Eyres' voice on family issues and anticipate a return of the Eyres' column.

The Deseret News apologizes to those involved, including its readers. In addition, the Deseret News has reviewed its processes to ensure that proper training and care in editing are provided on an ongoing basis.

Following are columns in which passages were not properly attributed:

"Which culture is stronger — yours or the world's?"

"Who is in charge of kids education? You!"

"Good education leads to strong marriage"

"Christian case for oneness in marriage"

"All you need is (unconditional) love"

This article has been updated to reflect the addition of "All you need is (unconditional) love."