After a spending a week in southern Alberta, Canada, I was amazed at the cleanliness of the cities, highways, country roads, small towns and neighborhoods. Along the highways they have what they call "turnouts" spaced quite frequently for garbage/recycling purposes, and almost every time we passed one, there was someone depositing cans, bottles and trash. Early this spring, the area from Canmore to Calgary was devastated by flooding, and while you can see areas under repair where major damage occurred, things were restored beautifully.

Driving to and from Alberta through Idaho, Montana and northern Utah, I felt very embarrassed and ashamed to be from Utah when I returned. Our highways are littered with garbage of all kinds — trash, tires, cans, bottles, you name it. Never once did we see old junk cars stacked along the highways in Montana or Alberta — just Idaho and Utah.

Are the people in Idaho and Utah lazy? It appears so. Do they care about their surroundings and communities? Not like the people of Alberta. We showcase Temple Square and its gardens, Alberta showcases it's entire province and people. We need to change, do better and take pride in our surroundings.

Douglas Webb