Sen. Pat Jones, D-Holladay, is set to sponsor a bill to raise $400 million in new money for our neighborhood public schools ("Utah senator wants money for schools by eliminating family child tax exemption," Aug. 23). Good for Sen. Jones. Good for our students. Good for Utah. Good for our economy. At last, someone is listening to the people who have repeatedly called for a great and ongoing investment in public education.

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Jones' bill is much-needed tax fairness legislation. In the end, we all give up one state exemption and $400 million per year goes back into our schools to pay for teachers, reading and math specialists, and others who help our students. Imagine class sizes going down. The reality is 5,000-10,000 new jobs for the state. And isn't that good for the economy?

It's time for the policy makers in this state to start listening to the people who are willing to pay more for a world class education system.

Kate Gressman