On Aug. 28, Nadine Wimmer did a story about school fees ("Pay-to-play fees not as advertised," KSL). The ads encouraging people to tune in for the information indicated state laws would be given to prove why fees charged by school districts may or may not be required.

Comment on this story

The information is valuable, but given way too late. Granite School District conducted school registration Aug. 14. The information helping parents decide which fees they were required to pay was not available to them at the time needed. Delivery of this information after school fees are paid and school begins does not help those who want to speak out on this issue. Attempts to speak out now will be ignored because the message comes too late.

Even if parents know a fee the school district requests before student participation begins has no legal requirement, the school district can develop policies preventing full student participation without "paying to play." The district has all the cards in this situation. The fees story Wimmer provided adds salt to the financial wound as individual classes request another fee after the registration costs are paid.

Helen Jones

West Valley City