Columnist Richard Davis should be more carefully edited or discontinued if he can't get his facts right. He tried to make a point in his commentary on Aug. 28 that any response to the Syrian outrage (30 months and counting) by the U.S. is deserving of care ("Obama is right to move deliberately against Syria"). Hardly a great conclusion there, but he goes on to criticize the Bush administration for its hasty decision process in the matter of Iraq.

Davis can rail all he wants about the decision — the process to go after Iraq was not hasty; 17 or so UN resolutions were passed, a consortium of countries aggregated to get past the U.S. intransigence, announcements for months prior to any actions were made, buildups of troops and support were openly communicated. Saddam Hussein used gas, he buried in water the southern Iraqi population, he bragged openly about weapons of mass destruction — and he got what was needed.

This administration has no policy, has no idea of what to do and how to positively effect the Syrian situation (100,000 dead 1.5 million refugees) and has stood by as a cowardly influence to the tragedy in Syria. President Obama is not fit for the office as Davis states.

Charles Boynton

Salt Lake City