Walter Gunn, a neighbor of the owners of the carriage horse Jerry said, "They care very much for their animals, and the animals are work horses. I can't believe that the animals aren't happy working most of the time" ("Animal activists hold vigil for horse, call for ban on carriages downtown," Aug. 27).

What do you mean, they are "work horses"? You mean they are animals who have been forced to work to make a buck for humans, that is all. Horses are not "work horses" any more than dogs are "work dogs" or we are "work people." They have their own lives and friends and interests and value, quite independent of what some person decided to squeeze out of them for selfish purposes.

Carriage horses aren't necessary. People can walk, bike, take public transport or drive. There is no compassionate reason for any animal to live a life of hard, hot work that they did not choose just so tourists can sit in a carriage.

Franziska Edwards