I found the "Food Stamp Fraud: Big problem or exaggeration?"(Aug. 29) article interesting in that it based so much importance on the increased number of participants since 2008. Well, what happened in '08? The bigger fraud has been what has happened on the opposite end of the spectrum.

This year, McDonald's awarded its new CEO a $13.8 million salary, triple what the previous CEO made. They did this while releasing a "training video" instructing employees on how to budget. The budget included a second job and excluded the costs of utilities. Wal-Mart leads the nation with employees on food stamps and Medicaid. Meanwhile, their CEO saw his salary increase 14.1 percent in just one year. Why don't we focus our attention on this fraud?

These corporations shirk the responsibility of paying their employees living wages and place this burden on us. Why should we the taxpayers pay to subsidize these powerful corporations while those at the top see millions in salary? Where are the trickle-down jobs and increased pay and benefits? I have an idea, let's cut this fraud and have these CEOs pay for their employee food stamps and Medicaid.

Dane Henderson