The U.S. has no business starting another war on the rumor of poison gas being used in Syria. As a WWII vet, I fought a war where we lost millions — a war we felt had to be waged. I feel the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and others were unnecessary. We lost more than 75,000 of our young people, and I feel we accomplished little. Billions and billions of our hard-earned taxes have been wasted, while we can't take good care of our own people.

If others want to fight, let them. We can't police the world. I use the phrase the marines use, "Choose the hill you want to die on." I plead, I pray, that Syria isn't one of them. Instead, strengthen border security, build up our defenses, become energy independent, protect our citizens, improve our economy and stay clear of this conflict mess.

Theodore Mahas

Salt Lake City