I'm writing in regards to the recent article, "Utah senator wants money for schools — by eliminating family child tax exemption."

As a school teacher, I know that money for public education will make a difference. Schools are not only about performance and test scores. There is more to schools than just testing. As a parent, I don't want my own children to be viewed as data by their teacher. As a teacher, I want to impact each student's life so they are inspired to change the world for the better and not just to pass a test.

I have researched the impact of money in public education for many years, and there is one area it will help no matter what — class sizes. I have read many reports about how class size doesn't matter, but I have also found many reports and studies that debunk this myth. Class size does matter.

There are no excuses for not increasing funding for class-size reduction through new money. Too often, money for education is just passed from one pot to another. It is time to make a big impact on education and increase funds for class-size reduction. If I could teach 20 students per class instead of 40, I would be able to reach each child and help them in the ways they individually need it. We must increase our funds to help our kids, the future leaders of this state, and stop short-changing them.

Derek Smith